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Use our proprietary tagging architecture to search for issues in our exclusive database of over 7000 ediscovery decisions. Forget researching for hours. Answers in minutes. 

Find the language of the rule you need using our toggle feature.  

We’ve curated the ediscovery rules from the FRCP, U.S. District Courts, State courts and Regulatory rules in one place — with hand crafted summaries by ediscovery professionals, and tagged by issue. The days of searching for what you need are over. 

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You can’t litigate and be an ediscovery expert at a moment’s notice.  Or can you? Forget reading for hours. Download checklists and sample forms that let you send out that legal hold notice, interview a custodian, or draft an ESI protocol NOW. 

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“eDiscovery Assistant pays for itself within minutes of its use, literally.”

AmLaw 200 Litigator

“Whether you are an advanced eDiscovery practitioner, a litigator new to the field, in-house, outside counsel, law student or law professor, I strongly believe you will find the checklists, case digests, templates, and much more contained in this app extremely helpful. It will give you a better understanding of this body of law and help you serve your clients more effectively.”


Marc Jenkins
Adjunct Professor Vanderbilt University and Director, Corporate Counsel at Asurion

“eDiscovery Assistant provides two different methods to help guide you through the eDiscovery process. For those who have little-to-no experience with eDiscovery, it provides a fully customizable roadmap for your case. For those litigators who feel more comfortable with eDiscovery generally but have specific areas of concern, eDiscovery Assistant provides every individual section from the roadmap as an a-la-carte option. Regardless your level of experience with eDiscovery, from pure novice to experienced litigator, eDiscovery Assistant is an incredibly valuable tool. I highly recommend it.”


Brian Focht
The Cyberadvocate

“This software contains valuable content, exceptional functionality and is easy to use because of its simple design and intelligently designed search features. As Grey’s Anatomy is to the medical community, eDiscovery Assistant is the tool for any litigator.”


Matthew Stippich
General Counsel and President of Professional Services for Digital Intelligence
Features designed by legal professionals
for legal professionals

Just eDiscovery case law — nothing more.

You can’t do this anywhere but here. Instantly review 4000+ case law entries tagged by eDiscovery issues and sort your results by judge, cite, date, and name. Finding relevant, reliable eDiscovery information has never been easier.


Find eDiscovery Rules
in two clicks

It’s every eDiscovery rule in one place. Federal, State, U.S. District Courts, Regulatory and Model Rules — they’re all right here. Stop searching and start solving.


Checklists and Forms for all your eDiscovery needs

eDiscovery Assistant’s™ checklists make getting done what needs getting done a breeze. Plan your case strategy, implement a legal hold, identify sources of ESI and more.


Create cite lists and take them with you

Create custom cite lists for each of your matters directly inside eDiscovery Assistant™. No more searching for a sticky note or wishing you hadn’t left that list on your desk. Your cite lists go where YOU go.


Our glossary of terms makes you look smart

Use our robust glossary to identify key eDiscovery terms on the spot. Keep your matters moving and never be at a loss again for what critical eDiscovery terminology means to you and your matters.


Built in tips from eDiscovery professionals

Throughout eDiscovery Assistant™, you’ll find tips waiting for you. We make sure you have what you need to make the most out of the eDiscovery knowledge that’s at your fingertips by showing you how to use it to its utmost.

Case Digests

Full access to federal and state eDiscovery case law database of 3500+ decisions

Utilize eDiscovery specific tags to sort case digests

View related rules for individual case digests 

View related checklists for individual case digests

View related templates for individual case digests

Access link to case digest (where available)

Create and download cite lists of decisions


Access eDiscovery rules for Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Access state eDiscovery rules

Access federal agency rules and guidelines

Access pilot project materials nationwide

Use eDiscovery Toggle to jump to eDiscovery specific sections of Rule

View Rule Summaries outlining issues for each rule

View related cases for each rule

View related checklists for each rule

View related forms for each rule


View and download eDiscovery over 75 forms in pdf or Word format for customization

Customize forms for use and download

Upload proprietary forms for use by designated users within firm or organization


Utilize over 45 checklists covering all aspects of the eDiscovery process

View eDiscovery tips for individual checklist items to guide your process

Upload proprietary checklsts for use within firm or organization


View product videos for eDiscovery Tools

View eDiscovery Topic Videos

Review and download Judicial Guides

Read and download white papers and articles

Quarterly webinars for CLE on eDiscovery topics

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