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eDiscovery Assistant Sample eDiscovery Case LaweDiscovery Assistant Sample eDiscovery Case LaweDiscovery Assistant Sample eDiscovery Case Law

Reduce Research to a Few Clicks so Attorneys Can Focus on What's Important.

Clients no longer want to pay for research, and attorneys want to focus on the key cases they find. eDiscovery Assistant's proprietary tagging structure takes the guesswork out of finding ediscovery case law by issue, judge, jurisdiction or date.


Stop Reinventing the Wheel on a Moment's Notice.

Being a litigator is a full-time job. Getting and staying up to speed on ediscovery is another one. Our checklists and forms walk you through ediscovery processes so you can focus on your case with the confidence you are finding the ESI you need to win.


Track Your Research and Update it as Case Law Evolves.

2018 saw more than 1300 ediscovery decisions, and 2019 is well on pace with more than 300 through April. You need to find case law for your judge, and your issue that is the most up to date judicial thinking from across the country. eDiscovery Assistant gives you that in a convenient list.

Practical Content Delivered On-Demand.

Lawyers need practical content about topics they choose when they need it. Rethink the delivery of legal education with our Learning Center.View 5-10 minute video segments on ediscovery concepts, listen to podcasts from industry leaders, read articles, eBooks and posts from ediscovery experts with practical advice you can implement immediately.